Chilli - Garlic Noodles


Ingredients: Chinese noodles 150 gm. spring onion 2, garlic 10-12 pods, water 5 cups, carrot 2, salt 1tsp capsicum 2, oil 2 tsp, cabbage 1/2 ,green chilli 2-3 (chopped), french beans 10-12, salt, pepper (to taste), soya sauce 1 tbsp, chilli sauce 1 tbsp, tomato sauce 1tbsp, vinegar 1 tbsp, oil 1 tbsp.




1. Boil water in a big vessel. Add salt, & oil to it. Add noodles to it boil till tender.
2. Drain it, and spread on a tray and sprinkle little oil to it.
3. Chop all veggies into thin long shreds.
4. Take a karahi, add oil to it & fry onion & garlic till golden brown.
5. Add rest of veg & stir fry over light heat.
6. Sprinkle salt & pepper to it.
7. Now add drained noodles to it & Stir it.
8. Now mix in all sauces and vinegar mix it with the help of forks.
9. Serve hot with soup & sauce.

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