About Geeta Narang


Mrs Geeta Narang is a renowned nutritionist and a famous cookery expert from Lady Irwin College, New Delhi. She has excelled her knowledge in microwave cooking and adapted many traditional Indian & International recipes to microwave cooking.


A staunch believer that cooking is an art, more importantly, one that emanates from the heart, Geeta Narang brings to you recipes which are tried and tested. For her cooking is not a chore, not a hobby but an obsession - a passion.


Her main ingredients are variety, creativity, and vegetarianism. Also her favourite menus are a judicious combination of dishes including sweets, savouries main courses and finish-offs. Not only Indian or Mughlian or Mexican or Italian. For example delicious sweet is a sweet be it Eastern or Western or Oriental or English. So much for global unity in diversity.



Cook Books by Geeta Narang

Golden Bell

Hair Microwave Oven Cookbook

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Electrolux Microwave Cookbook

Red Bell

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Red Bell

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